Sunday, 6 February 2011

Roberto Di Matteo Sacked - Why and What Now?

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So RDM has been sacked, sorry 'relieved of his duties'. WBA have been on a very poor run without question but it seems very strange timing all the same.

The transfer window closed one week ago and WBA brought in only one loan signing. Who knows if other targets were highlighted by RDM and turned down by the board, or did RDM think what he had was good enough to stay in the Premier League?

If RDM was to be sacked (and I don't think he should have been), the time to do it was surely before the transfer window as it would have given the new manager an opportunity to bring in his own players rather than having to work with those already at the club.

The appointment of Michael Appleton as caretaker is obvious but this kind of move always seems strange to me. Appleton worked under RDM, the players already know him and are used to working with him under RDM, so what exactly is going to change with them to win the West Ham and Wolves games???

As for who is next?? The obvious names will appear such as O'Neill and Jol, but to me they seem unlikely. Allardyce's name has been mentioned but I think that would be a backwards step and would be a very unpopular choice amongst WBA fans.

I feel sorry for RDM. I think he should have been given the whole season to see if he could have pulled the team through. I think most WBa fans will wish him, and Eddie Newton and Ade Mafe, all the best for the future.

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